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[News] New Amiga IRC Network launchedANN.lu
Posted on 24-May-2004 21:35 GMT by David Doyle16 comments
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AmigaworldNET The Amiga IRC Network was officially launched Today by Amigaworld.net in association with Happybiscuit.com, GuruMeditation.se and Polarboing.com and is built around the Amiga community to help facilitate the communications of Amiga users and online organisations.

AmigaworldNET offers users the following services..

* NickServ, a powerful nickname manager that users can use to protect themselves against nick stealing

* ChanServ, A powerful channel manager that helps users to administer their channels in a totally customisable way

* MemoServ, allows sending short messages to offline users, that they can then read when they come online later.

* BotServ, allows users to get a permanent, friendly bot on their channels in an easy way. Each bot can be configured to monitor the channels against floods, repetitions, caps writing, swear, and take appropriate actions. It also can handle user-friendly commands

* HostServ, allows users to show custom vHosts (virtual hosts) instead of their real IP address. New users will automatically receive an [Username].Amigaworld.Net vhost upon registeration (can be turned off)

For more information visit http://irc.amigaworld.net

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