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[News] OS4 progress since pre-releaseANN.lu
Posted on 08-Jun-2004 21:47 GMT by Peter Gordon228 comments
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Hans-Jorg Frieden has posted a detailed status update on the progress of OS4 to Amigaworld.net. Brief summary:

· Picasso96 and MUI PPC native
· Kernel supports PPC performance monitor and Altivec
· Moovid (released with OS3.9 as "action") is now running native, and can play DivX and other common formats
· GCC 3.4.0 is ported
· The C libraries are much faster. As a result AmiPDF is up to 60 times faster.
· Serial and floppy drivers coming soon
· USB is working and supports HID devices like keyboards and mice as well as HID joysticks and steering wheels, and USB mass storage devices like USB sticks, flash card readers, 7-in-1 card readers and cameras
· A1 IDE device now has working UDMA support. Also, interrupts are no longer polled but delivered properly. This means that the device does not require any CPU time for transfers.

This material will in due course be released for download to registered users of the Developer Pre-release on our web site at: http://www.hyperion-entertainment.biz

There is more detail in the original AW.net posting.
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