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[News] PowerPC/MorphOS advances in RC5-72 once more!ANN.lu
Posted on 13-Jun-2004 13:01 GMT by takemehomegrandma44 comments
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And so it happened again! The PowerPC/MorphOS platform lay down one more platform in the RC5-72 space race. This time it was the Alpha/DEC OSF/1 platform that hit the ground. :-)

And it went down with a loud *BLAM*, because at the same time the PowerPC/MorphOS platform sets another personal best when it comes to the number of blocks crunched in a single day:

** 3,836 ** blocks! :-O :-D


The MorphOS now puts itself at the #14 position from the top, and we are actually closing in on the "mainstream" platforms. The curve now gets steeper and the opponents gets tougher, but it's still not at all impossible (at least not the closest two opponents, which we probably will beat before the summer is over, perhaps even with some margins).

However, this will require more effort from all of us (if running the client in the background and letting your computer be switched on when you leave it can be considered an *effort*(?)). While some new team members has been added to the dnet-mos-stats page above, I have also noticed that some of you who helped crunching keys in the beginning now has stopped for some reason. Come back, we need you! :-)

If everyone listed on the dnet-mos-stats page above starts crunching keys again, at least for a little while every day, then it's my belief that we easily can go up to about some 4,500 keys per day without any greater effort (every group of only ten users with G4 will bring in more than 700 blocks every 24h of non-stop crunching (72-96 per user/day)). And if only *a few* additional of you MorphOS users who is reading this, but has not yet joined the effort, pull yourselves together and really joins, then we would reach over 5,000 daily blocks *very easily* (could be a lot more). And then, when MorphOS1.5 is released (at some undefined future date), this figure could very well double over night thanks to the Altivec support in the client (with Altivec, the crunching is almost three times as fast on the same CPU, but not everyone has G4's)!

So this is a "call to arms"! Come and join us! :-)

New users can find some very easy step-by-step instructions here:

... and when you have got it up and running (and waited some 24 hours or so to get your first stats registered on the server) you could post a link to your stats on this page:

So come on people, let's get back to work! Let's save all those poor left-over clock cycles that otherwise would have died without accomplishing anything in their short lives! Let's give them some meaningful existence instead!
:-) :-D

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