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[News] AmigaKit.com OpensANN.lu
Posted on 19-Jun-2004 15:12 GMT by AmigaKit.com
AmigaKit.com has opened to the Amiga community. The online store specialises in new and refurbished hardware and components suitable for the modern Amiga.

The website is available from the SWAUG.org.uk website by clicking on the "shop" link or simply by going to www.amigakit.com

Opening AmigaKit.com is admittedly a risk in such a small Amiga market and hopefully it's viability will be proved after the forthcoming release of AmigaOS 4.0.

The products on sale are intended to be reasonably priced and not over-the-top pricing to cash in on the Amiga market. The service will be very much Amiga-centric so if you buy a hard disk from AmigaKit.com, it will come prepped and fully formatted with FFS. This makes installation into your Amiga easier.

Looking at the Amiga market today, there is not many component suppliers. If you buy from PC suppliers, there is always the compatibility factor and no PC suppliers speak the language of the Amiga.
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