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[News] Relaycard-soft Relax now avail for AmigaOS 3.x classicANN.lu
Posted on 16-Jul-2004 00:00 GMT by Rupert Hausberger (Edited on 2004-07-16 03:52:09 GMT by Christophe Decanini)12 comments
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Relax is avail for classic AmigaOS 3.x, you can get it from HERE.

Have fun,
(Christophe - added description)

  Relax is a tool to control any of the 8-bit relay-cards around. It has
  a simple, but powerfull GUI for easy and fast handling. There are four
  different modes how the control can be done:

  1. Direct
  In this mode all the acting is done directly. There are some buttons avail,
  like AllOn, AllOff, Invert, 1, 2, 3...

  2. Random
  Here a random-generator decides which realy get switched. Useless realys
  can be switched off and the pause between the next step is setable.

  3. Step
  Two or more commands can be added to a list. The loopable list can be
  run with different times in pause. There can be unlimited entrys in a list.

  4. Time
  And here acting is done at defined times. Per step, a begin- and end-
  contition can be defined to various times. Also here there can be
  unlimited entrys in a list.

  All functions from the GUI are also avail via ARexx.


  - Supports all 8-bit Realy-cards (2^n)
  - Realtime GUI
  - ARexx control
  - All GUI functions are avail
  - Fully transparent to GUI
  - Own process, so all actions can be aborted
  - 4 different modes of control
  - Direct
  - Direct control like on, off, 1, 2, 3
  - Random
  - Setable pause
  - Realy selectable
  - Step
  - Unlimited steps per list
  - Load and saveable step-lists
  - Variable pause per step
  - Time
  - Unlimited times per list
  - Load and saveable time-lists
  - Overall timerange from 10ms to 1 day
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