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Posted on 26-Jul-2004 07:26 GMT by Computer City27 comments
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Following the release for Genesi's SuperBundle, ImageFX Light is now also available for AmigaOS4 users and will be uploaded to the OS4 Depot shortly.

Find out more about ImageFX here: www.novadesign.com

ImageFX Upgrade Promotion

NovaDesign's European distributor, Computer City is offering the following upgrade promotion;

If you order the upgrade from ImageFX Light to ImageFX 4.5 Studio you get FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING plus a free Pen Tablet drawing board worth EUR 24,99!

The price for this upgrade is:
EUR 99,- (including VAT, for European customers) or
USD 99,- (excluding VAT, for customers outside Europe).

Orders can be placed through the Computer City webshop: www.computercity.biz Choose "Pickup at the shop" as a shipping method, if the upgrade item is in your order we will ship the whole order (including any extra items you order) to your door free of shipping charges!

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