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[News] Distributed LISP (for m68k and MorphOS)ANN.lu
Posted on 16-Aug-2004 01:27 GMT by Dietmar10 comments
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Distributed LISP is a new scripting language inspired by Lisp (a minimal, fast Lisp interpreter). If you have ever written an installation script for the Commodore Installer and its Lisp-like language, you know how Lisp programs look like: a lot of parantheses but, on the bright side, no semicolons ;) Features: implemented as library (ie. can be flushed if not needed), fast bytecode compiler, cache for tokenized code. Disributed LISP is Rexx-enabled so that Lisp programs can be used for automation of other applications. A script written in Distributed LISP is two to three times faster than the same script written in Rexx, on 68k platforms. Web site and download:  Download

MorphOS users can download an experimental PPC binary to replace the 68k binary in the archive (experimental in the sense that it is a stand-alone interpreter binary, not a library):

Distributed LISP is complemented by a Lisp mode for GoldED Studio (envLSP10), available on the GoldED web site, providing syntax highlighting and online help.

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