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[News] Worm Wars 8 releasedANN.lu
Posted on 22-Aug-2004 12:59 GMT by Amigan Software23 comments
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Amigan Software are proud to announce the release of Worm Wars 8 for the Amiga. Features include: 32 object types, integrated field editor, up to four worms, human or Amiga control of all worms, 28 creature types, customizable music and sound effects, system compliance, saved high score tables, multiple fieldsets with variable levels, backdrops, custom font, installer script, CLI arguments, Workbench ToolTypes, OS3.5-style icons, 0-4 players, quadruple-joystick and quadruple-CD32 gamepad and double-keyboard support, help windows, turbo drawing, level shuffling option, animations, screenmode sensitivity, etc.

SAS/C and StormC source code is included.

Changes since 7.82:
. 2 new creatures: bear and elephant.
. Improved graphics and sound.
. Ported to StormC 4.
. Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.

Available here.

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