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[News] [DC] UAE4All Alpha PreviewANN.lu
Posted on 22-Sep-2004 15:55 GMT by dreamcastrulez3 comments
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Chui has released an alpha version of a port of the Unimbiguous Amiga Emulator to the dreamcast. You can download it in this Dream On forum topic. Click on read more if you are interested on more info... Here are the features: - Runs Amiga 500 games (70-90% speed). - Mouse emulation with analog pad. - Joystick emulation with digital pad. - No virtual keyboard (works dreamcast keyboard). - No entry menu or main menu. - No swap disk images. - No sound. The cd structure should be as follows (all in the CD root): - 1st_read.bin (scrambled bin). - kick.rom : amiga bios renamed. - df0.adf : Floppy disk image.
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