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[News] SeaScape Software to concentrate software development efforts on the Pegasos/MorphOS platformANN.lu
Posted on 27-Sep-2004 07:51 GMT by .45 comments
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James Rhodes of SeaScape Software, a North American software house that produced and sold commercial Amiga hard- and software as well as shareware and freeware titles until the early 90s and switched to the Mac platform when Commodore closed down, has announced to concentrate software development efforts on the Pegasos/MorphOS platform. Below you will find the official information taken from their homepage which currently is being updated/reworked: 'As of today, SeaScape Software is going to be concentrating its development efforts on the new Pegasos computing platform running the MorphOS from Genesi. The MorphOS and Pegasos combination will allow us to develop quality software, and also help the MorphOS community grow larger with time. "After doing a lot of research on this new platform, we decided that it would be in our best interest to develop software for this new computing platform that offers many advantages over other platforms. While the MorphOS is still relatively young, the software engineers at Genesi are making sure it is getting better with every release. On the hardware side, the Pegasos motherboard is improving in performance, thanks to the hard work of the hardware engineers. In the near future, Genesi will be releasing a motherboard with the PPC970 processor (G5), and we are looking forward to this very much. It is an exciting time indeed!" - James Rhodes SeaScape Software sends Genesi our best wishes for the continued success of the exciting Pegasos platform and its beautiful MorphOS operating system. Get the alternative computer, the Pegasos platform!'
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