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[News] WookieChat 1.3 beta ReleasedANN.lu
Posted on 14-Oct-2004 06:35 GMT by James Carroll12 comments
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WookieChat 1.3 beta is now available. Visit the homepage or download it from here. When I upgraded to the OS4 Update, I found WookieChat 1.2 wouldnt run on it anymore without crashing badly. So I've fixed some of the bugs that caused it to shit itself, and its now useable on OS4 again. I wanted to implement colours and dcc support but those still arent ready. I'm going away to Samoa again for probably another month so I wanted to share what I've done. Unfortunately 1.3 isnt as stable as 1.2.. even 1.2 didnt run on alot of peoples computers.. sorry! One final note to OS4 Update users - when the Grim Reaper window pops up (and it WILL.. I havent debugged it totally yet), click "ignore errors" and it should work without problems.

Changes 1.3
- Bug fix: When you were kicked, it wouldnt wipe the nicklist, so when you rejoined the channel, there were two nicks for each person in the channel. This also happened when disconnected from a server, when reconnecting and automatically rejoining channels.
- Slight improvement: In previous versions when you /part a channel, it would wait for the server to acknowledge that you've parted the channel before closing the channel window. Changed this to now close the channel tab straight away. So if you're disconnected from a server you can still close channel tabs, and if you're still connected it feels slightly faster.
- Improvement: Now using dos.library for file access instead of <fstream.h> functions. The WookieChat executable has shrunk from 645k to 215k. Thats more like it!
- Improvement: The perform on connect script support has been made better. When your connect scripts join channels from two or more networks connecting at once, channel tabs for networks that arent being viewed at that moment will open in the background, while channel tabs on the network you are currently viewing will open normally (i.e. become the visible tab).
- Perform on connect function will ignore blank lines in your connect scripts now. They are just ignored, they do not terminate the script.. it still keeps going until it reaches the end of the file.
- Minor bug fix: button text colours to show activity in some tabs would sometimes be reset to black when it shouldnt. e.g. if you clicked on the channel next to it, and not actually on that tab.
- Retrieved /WHOIS information is presented slightly better
- Able to connect to a server by double clicking on its name in the server selection window now.
- New nicklist popup menus. Accessible by selecting nick(s) from the list, then holding down the right mouse button. You're no longer restricted to typing commands. Popup menu items include: /WHOIS, open private query tab, CTCP PING, CTCP VERSION, op/deop, halfop/dehalfop, voice/devoice, etc.
- New channel listview popup to copy selected text to the clipboard. Useful if you've been using Windows for the last few years like me.
- Finally made the channel topic, keyword and user limit gadgets work. Also the mode gadgets used to not work on some channels sometimes, I think thats fixed now.
- Added keyboard shortcuts - RAMIGA + 1 to 9 to change between tabs without using the mouse.
- Improvement: If you chose a font that was too large, the status symbol (@,%,+) next to peoples nick could be clipped and not visible. The status column is now large enough to display 1.5 characters (I chose 1.5 because some fonts have enormous @ characters)
- Now displays a disconnected from server message when you /quit or when you're disconnected somehow, and error messages are displayed when trying to send text when not connected.
- When you have a private query tab open to someone and they change their nick, the nick is changed in in the tab automatically now
- Bug fix: When you joined a channel it would clear the string gadget. Annoying when you're connecting to a server and you've joined one channel and you're typing in it, then the next channel is joined shortly afterwards only to have your text erased. Small bug but annoying.
- /away command works properly now
- Removed the need for a wookiechat: assign.
- Made more compatible with the OS4 Prerelease Update, but still the exe is still AmigaOS 3.x 68k.

What is WookieChat? It's a program to use IRC (Internet Relay Chat) networks with. Compiled for 68k AmigaOS at the moment, but runs on MOS and OS4.

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