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[News] Amiga Future #51 preview and try-out is outANN.lu
Posted on 21-Oct-2004 19:16 GMT by Andreas Magerl
The preview and reading/layout trials of the Amiga Future issue #51 have been released today.

The Amiga Future can be obtained as a subscription and as a single issue (each with or without a cover CD).

Of course we've tested the update of the AmigaOS 4 Prerelease but also MyKlondike, Global Gladiators, Episode Album, Jet Thunder, the new STB hardware and much more.

You can find a deeper description of the contents using the following link: http://www.amigafuture.de/heft/heft.php

Besides the fullversion of myKlondike 1.21 AF-Special and the movies Bomb Run and Little Jedi you can find also many megabytes of other software for the Amiga on the Amiga Future cover CD.


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