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[Rant] AmiganANN.lu
Posted on 04-Apr-2001 12:09 GMT by Christian Kemp21 comments
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m0ns00n wrote: I found a page with a PPC motherboard that will fit the zico specs I think. It even mentions AmigaOS. I think it is odd myself, but even though Amiga Inc. is presenting the AmigaONE as the only near alternative, perhaps also presenting the bPlan one, they haven't mentioned the myriad of other PPC mainboards out there. What will they do? The above utl is for one PPC mainboard. I haven't checked if it will be out soon, or if they are doing this or that in thinking about AmigaOS 4/AmigaDE. But let's check if there are some PPC products out NOW that meets the zico specs. Why buy an AmigaONE if there are already cheap PPC mainboards on the market that has 6 PCI, AGP, etc etc as the zico demands.
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