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Posted on 24-May-2001 21:04 GMT by Christian Kemp20 comments
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.jon writes: I am a wondering why the PEGASOS is 'pronounced' as 'modular'. It is not. It is just a standard MicroATX board. Now, if you call PCI slots 'modular' then it might be okay for you. For me it isn't. When the PEGASOS was announced I was happy about the word 'modular'.
Because, so I hoped, we would get the long awaited modular system.

What we get is an (admittedly very nice) DUAL PPC MoBo (and I will get one if I do not find an alternative). I have been searching for a MoBo that has Firewire in addition to IRDA and Ethernet and all the other standard plugs onboard. I did not find one in neither CPU world, something was missing, either it had Firewire onboard but was missing the LAN or similar) so I was really lucky when I heard of the PEGASOS.

But: What is the userbase for such a board ? It is quite universal, true. But, regarding the fact that it has IEEE1394 (FireWire) onboard I would target it in first place to Video people, who, in addition, will benefit of dual CPU power. Plans I have are somewhat similar. I'd personally define the PEGASOS as a multimedia mobo.

Today I read about the release of the final IEEE1394b specification, which, at its best, means FireWire at four times the current max-speed. It will require new cables. New plugs. But remain compatible to the old signals in a special compatibility mode. First products are awaited in late summer/Q4.

So, when I buy a PEGASOS system ('cause, as it seams, you will not be able to buy the mobo solo (according to the interview with bplan on Amiga Future, it was only named together with "licensed system" and "pre-built system") I will buy an outdated Firewire I/O. Sure, not much outdated, just a little. It is not of a big concern, since Firewire itself is quite new. But where is the modularity ? Exactly this would be a case for modularity. If it would be modular, the Firewire could be replaced easily. Can it ? I guess not. Sure, I might be in error. Then I appologize. If not, I hope this will be read or told by/to someone responsible. Maybe the final Pegasos will include already the new standard ?

PCI/AGP is just not what I would name 'modular'. Then every and any PC is modular. Why name it than as a special feature ?

And I hope for a bit more fanatsy in future PPC mobos, by whoever they might be designed. World is changing... PPC is a bit 'special'. It is not an everyday's CPU. So I hope the underlying hardware will be special as well.

Since I am at it: My ideal PPC mobo would look like the PEGASOS.

  • 2 more PCI slots
  • IEEE1394b (even better: make the IO ports some module)
  • modular DSP option ?!
  • (modular) onboard U2WSCSI (option)
  • wake-on-lan/modem
  • special port for output of system diagnositcs and perhaps other data to LCD

Why not put all the extras on PCI ? Well, the PPC can be suficient at low speeds with less cooling. If I get a real modular mobo, that has anything onboard, I might even leave the PCI cards out and get a perfect multimedia/homebox. Noiseless, powerfull.

P.S.Christian, what about another PREVIEW button after the first preview ?

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