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[Rant] Secure WebsitesANN.lu
Posted on 21-Oct-2001 11:50 GMT by Christian Kemp6 comments
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Jack Meihauf wrote: Is there such a thing these days? With the word that amiga.org was hacked, maybe we should be securing our web sites? Well, theres always one thing that comes first. And that is Backups. It also pays to not keep back ups on the same server.
The administrooskis should pay more attention to security, and also the security of the backups.

An example. Don't named backups yoursite2, yoursite3 etc.., if you're going to leave them on the server. I truely hope Amiga.Org didn't name their backups ao2, ao3 etc. That would be truely silly.

Anyway, best of luck in getting the site up and running, you'll need it with these types pf people around,. Hmm. Maybe you should offer them a job securing the site?

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