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Posted on 24-Jun-2002 15:16 GMT by Luca Diana66 comments
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It's time to put aside pityful and damaging behavior. The very existance of the community is at stake. Amiga needs to show now how many active users are out there, and by active I mean people who are willing to invest money in hardware and software. You want to show you're one of them? Get the $50 coupon (and free t-shirt) for an AmigaOne system; you don't care? Don't do anything at all, don't come complaining later when you'll find out that in the real world companies need to show their investors that there is a user base willing to purchase their product. And if you think that even without Amiga Inc. the community is going to survive think again: the numbers are getting smaller by the day, just two or three years ago people were saying there were still 300.000 active users, today we don't even know if there are 50,000 or 10,000 or even less. Without everyone's support the community <b>WILL</b> die. Time to set aside our differences and do one last effort to stay alive. Either you're in or you're out.
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