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[Rant] "Business @ The Speed Of Stupid"ANN.lu
Posted on 28-Jun-2002 11:07 GMT by Sturgeon6 comments
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/. is running a story on a site collecting and archiving failed dot-com businessplans for historical preservation. Linked from the story is a review of a book called "Business @ The Speed Of Stupid". That review contains some interesting points and quotes that IMO are highly relevant to the current owners/licensors of the old Amiga IP (yeah, this is meant to be modded to the "rant" category):

“Most companies of any size have a Web site. Most suck! They suck because they simply fail to communicate with the intended audience.”

“A common and widely held misconception is the idea of magic conversion ratios that convert the number of hits on a site to projected customer leads, e-commerce sales, or whatever. Let’s be clear: This type of thinking is 100 percent crap.”

"This comment illustrates another main point of the '@ the Speed of Stupidity and Accelerating' section: 'Get the right people in the right roles or you will find yourself facing insurmountable problems.' The wrong people are those that consistently contradict their words through their actions. They say they want things done right, but they end up cutting corners to get the job done fast and cheap. They hire the best people or companies to do the work, but want to totally ignore the processes that create good work."

"Morrison and Burke contend that 'technology must take a back seat to core business and customer needs, not the other way around' and that 'the "new rules" are simply a recipe for disaster, and those who continue to propagate them are completely irresponsible.'”

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