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[Rant] Public statement from AmifanANN.lu
Posted on 06-Nov-2002 18:42 GMT by Amifan (Edited on 2002-11-06 20:39:44 GMT by Christian Kemp)72 comments
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After reading [this] thread I want to make my own Public statement. You all know that I said many things on ANN and other forums that were provocative, abusive and insulting to certain persons. I want to offer them my sincere apologies for all the things I said.

This thread on amiga.org represents the start of a new future for our beloved amiga. We should work together to rebuild the platform again and be proud of being part of this communitiy. The only way to accomplish this is to be open for alternatives. I realised that I was flaming at MorphOS without even having seen it run. So I got in touch with Thendic and I bought a Betatester II for the Pegasos and I have seen with my own eyes that MorphOS is indeed an excellent operating system. If someone told me that this is AmigaOS then I would have believed it. The Amiga future has started now and I’m part of it.
Instead of talking I will do my best to advance this platform.

Don’t get me wrong, I will try and use AmigaOS4 too when it’s done, but we should all stop fighting against eachother, get together to again and move ahead.

I would like to encourage everyone who likes to comment on this or has questions or doubts to contact me directly at h.e.kanning at hetnet.nl. (Replace ‘at’ with @)

Thanks and best regards to this community of talented people,

Harald Kanning AKA Amifan

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