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[Rant] Good old times, where are thou?ANN.lu
Posted on 05-Dec-2002 15:03 GMT by A Reminder52 comments
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Okay, so now everyone has got his/her very own opinion about all the mess occuring in the Amiga community nowadays (AmigaOS4 vs MorphOS1, AmigaInc/Eyetech/Hyperion vs Thendic/bplan, Bernie vs Harald/H&P, hackers/users/developers/dealers vs Elbox... urgh... who'll be the next??). Every fscking single day there's a new reason that tend to split us all, in a sort of all-against-all war ("I'm on a mission/I made my decision/To lead a path of self destruction" just like the Green Day sung... why can't everyone sit down, relax, bury the hatchet and try to be more constructive, d'oh).
But what if I don't wanna join the rat race? Yeh, I'm very happy with my good ol' hw (Blizz/Cyber+PPC/Vision) and I only wanna update my sw. So, when/where will I be able to buy the new AmigaOS and/or MorphOS and how much will they cost?
When will an official list of features be made available and definitive so that I can choose which one fits my needs the most?
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