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[Rant] Rant: Design articles for the usual suspects...ANN.lu
Posted on 09-Dec-2002 05:40 GMT by Joe "Floid" Kanowitz3 comments
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I'd wanted to introduce these with a little more commentary, but given the sheer quantity of "April good?" "April bad?" / "AmigaOne good?" "AmigaOne bad?" posts, these might be welcome distractions, and suitable for parties on either side of the fence.

Thus, here are links to mbac's "Peon's Guide To Secure System Development", and Ka-Ping Yee's "User Interaction Design for Secure Systems," both interesting reads- and both recently Slashdotted, if they look familiar. Okay, less of an elaboration than a note, here; my rationale in waving mbac's article around is to note that, if *anyone* should be able to assemble modular components into a secure system (or understand the HURD ;)), it'd be an "Amigan..." (It also demonstrates some fragment of the 'real world's' approach to 'safe' languages.) ...and I must admit I still haven't been able to read Yee's full paper myself (see why this is a 'rant?'), though the summary, at least, is something everyone should have a look at.
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