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[Rant] And Hakim wept...ANN.lu
Posted on 02-Mar-2003 22:17 GMT by S. Hakim Hamdani31 comments
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Albeit a long time Amiga lover and active user, the recent war on ANN is bringing tears to my eyes... Dear All, just a short note from someone, who after ten + years with the lovely Miggy, has to see his favourite platform splinter, shatter and boycott itself in everlasting new flame wars and defamations. Where has the spirit gone, the dedication, the TOLERANCE and welcoming of new technology bringing our "beloved" machines that little bit further. There was no right and wrong, only ahead, towards a brighter future. My 4000T lies dormant for now, under the table, and in its place a SGI Octane brings me the news from "Planet Amiga". I will revive it, eventually, but active participation in the community? I donīt think so, itīs become so alien to me. Regards, in hope of a settlement and the return of tolerance... Hakim.
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