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[Rant] What is up with Buck?ANN.lu
Posted on 05-Jan-2004 16:07 GMT by cheesegrate106 comments
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I read Bill Buck's 'announcement' and I got a feeling of unease, like when you eat week old salami. Obviously Buck must be feeling upset that the company he bankrolled hired killers as guards and incompetent clowns in the hope of 'amiga' cred. Unfortunatly this does not excuse his arrogance and his plain deluded statements. . Let's take a look-rant shall we.

About ANN
>The trolls have persisted and frankly it makes everyone (both sides) look bad. Just look at >the >trash that is here now -- blue, red, blue, red, etc. Crazy! There is no accountability >and there is >often a gross lack of responsibility.

Buck forgets the fact that he is as responsible for creating this environment as anyone, from posting business associates personal emails to abusing people to insane rants. I find it pretty disrespectfully that he can insult Christian's site like this when obviously he has got a lot of publicity and developers from it.

About MOS and the community
>We have a real product now. After trying to work with the "Amiga Community".
>The people that are interested in MorphOS are involved

How easily he dismisses the Amiga kkkommunity when it has served it's purpose, but he makes a fundamental mistake, he thinks that all his tireless work on ann playing peg pong has convinced all the ones that can be saved. After all marketing works all the time right? Buck conveniently forgets the hundreds of users still waiting for a morphos for their classic amigas, or the thousands of former amigas who want to run morphos on their macs or maybe their existing ppc set top boxes. Obviously the pegasos 2 has not set the world on fire, (hey it didn't even rate a mention on slashdot) and buck is sweating. Why don't amigans wanna buy his ppc machine. ? It must be all the ann trolls fault.. ! Apart from the Amigaworld lunatics most people are content to wait and see instead of rushing out and buying an underpowered ppc motherboard.

About those 'developers'
>We have over 450 registered developers on the MorphOS Developer Connection.

YES Amiga inc had 3000... Where is the software buck? Where is the Java for mos by alan havenmose? Where is news about rebol? Where is Motionstudio, according to my local reseller site in Australia it is still being developed and one of the reasons I should buy a peg. it seems that genesi are getting as bad a record as amiga inc for hyperbole.

About the value of people

>We just do not have the time to lose on people that yield limited returns and require too much >attention.
Good to see buck regards people in terms of financial returns. If you get involved in cults then don't complain about the insane. ;)


This shouldn't be taken the wrong way, apart from aros, morphos seems the best solution and if bplan/genesi are still around in a year or mos is released for mac then i will consider buying it, but buck really needs to shut up. The problem with managers in the amiga market clown is that they don't stay humble but go on delusional ego trips.
Computer revolution today, millions of units about to be shipped.
bankrupcy and fraud tommorow.

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