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[Rant] We are still waiting ...ANN.lu
Posted on 01-Apr-2004 08:13 GMT by Climax11 comments
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The first quarter of the year has now passed. Some people expected it as a "christmas gift" for christmas 2003, but unfortunately that didn't happen. Then some people hoped that it would only be slightly delayed and that it would be released some week or so after new years eve. Unfortunately, that didn't happen either. I guess we all hoped that it would still be released "early 2004" though.

Well, now it's not "early 2004" anymore. A whole quarter of the year has passed and the summer is coming up. So I guess that I am not the only one who asks: When will MorphOS1.5 be released? :-P

Don't get me wrong, I think MorphOS "1.4.2" works just fine on the Pegasos2, and even though LinuxPPC is flawless and runs perfect too, it's still not really what an old Amigan would expect or want. So I am very, very grateful that we have MorphOS 1.4.2 and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has been involved in bringing the platform to where it is today.

It already offers pretty much everything that an old time Amigan coming back from the Wintel world would need and want. I found myself re-descovering the Power of Amiga again, almost ten years after I left, but this time with more modern hardware with RTG audio, RTG video, network, USB and very fast CPU's like the 1GHz G4. The responsiveness of the OS, the familiar applications, and even such "minor" things like downloading something to RAM: and lha it there to try it out, instead of going through a massive installation process that takes a lot of time with changing the register and rebboting and such. And running things directly from the CD, like MorphOS itself! I like it a lot! :-)

Even though the old Amiga TCP/IP stacks like MiamiDx and Genesis works fine (and very fast too, thanks to the great JIT), it would surely be nice to have the rumoured PPC MorphOS native TCP/IP stack. And it would surely be nice to be able to crunch the RC5 keys with AltiVec since that would mean that about 2.5 times more keys would be crunched during the same time on the 1GHz G4. And it will be interesting to see what the AltiVec can do for other programs to, like media, graphics, audio, etc programs. And there are still some room for some improvements in Ambient, if you know what I mean! ;-)

/me hopes for a MorphOS1.5 release early this summer so one can spend some rainy days on the vacation to fiddle with it ... :-)

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