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Posted on 07-Sep-2004 17:34 GMT by Darrin140 comments
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Before reaching comment #150 in an earlier debate, I suggested a "wild idea": Who on each side is prepared to bury the past, treat the other side(s) with respect and DEBATE instead of ARGUE? One golden rule... whoever signs up should try and remeber the names of the others doing the same and treat them with the respect which they would like to be shown to themselves. Anyone against it should then be ignored by the group in order to avoid flamefests. Here is the reasoning behind the idea: Let's forget about everything Amiga Inc, Gensei, Hyperion, McEwan, Buck, Fleecy, Hermans, Schmidt, KennyR, Eva, myself, Sammy... EVERYONE has said in the past. Yes, that's right - let's FORGET IT ALL. It's group hug time!!! Let's accept that OS4, MOS, AROS, AmigaDE and Amithlon are all great pieces of software. Let's accept that the latest Pegasos and Amiga boards are worth buying if you want to. Let's also remind ourselves that several years of blasting each other with wild accusations and insults have got all sides NOWHERE. I'll start. I apologise to everyone I've insulted on ANN. I'd like to thank everyone I've debated with. I want an AmigaOne for myself. I'd like to pay the same price as the Pegasos for it, but I accept the fact that I want OS4 so I have to buy an AmigaOne and I'd appreciate it if everyone would recognise that it's my choice. I wish the Pegasos and MOS good luck in this small market. I hope OS4+ manages the suceess of the classic OS. I like Amigaworld.net and I'm sure that MorphZone is a wonderful place full of satisfied customers. Let's cut out the crap. Let's talk to each other as if we were face to face and not hide behind keyboards. I'd much rather spend my time commenting on what software is being developed for the platforms than talking about what where my T-shirt is or whether a business card was genuine or not. Can we stick to what's important? Can we agree to disagree? I don't recall the Amiga v ST war being anything like this, but then we usually had to meet each other face to face. Damn, this reads like a bloody John Lenon song ;-) This is a chance to start a multi-platform news-site that we can ALL enjoy? I'd like to give it a try. This may be pointless, it probably won't work, but who is willing to try? Comment below and let's bury the past and respect those who respect us. Thanks for reading.
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