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[Rant] How will Eyetech deal with the 'issues' in the A1 against customers?ANN.lu
Posted on 30-Sep-2004 19:43 GMT by Worried A1 owner131 comments
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I have an AmigaOne XE G4. It cost me a lot of money. It's fairly new and covered by warranty. How will Eyetech compensate me for it's 'issues'/design flaws? Will they

a) Offer me a full refund or a new WORKING motherboard as replacement for free? Since it looks like it's a design flaw with the A1 XE motherboard I would GLADLY accept returning my A1 XE and get a motherboard with new design, like Micro A1 with raiser card instead.
b) Give me for free any and all required additional hardware required to get the AmigaOne product fully working, like UDMA IDE on a PCI card? Second best option but I would still know that my expensive hardware is a bit 'crippled' (perhaps a too strong word?) beneath it and I would still worry about more undiscovered issues.
c) Offer me to send in the motherboard for free for them to "patch"? This would not be pleasant since I would be without my AmigaOne for the time this takes
d) Simply sit silent and wait until the warranty expires before acknowledging the problems? NOT acceptable! :-/ I am obviously referring to this thread here on ann:


"IDE UDMA works on VIA and Articia on AmigaOne SE / XE / µA1 MK2 (as I demoed) ...
- ... except when the Ethernet chip goes online and is used."


"'- We have made a driver for a Silicon Image 680 PCI IDE UDMA133 controller chip, this does UDMA 133 nicely, including when Ethernet is used at full speed.'

Or instead of buying PCI UDMA controller one could buy PCI ethernet card instead? If problem is triggered by on-board ethernet buying PCI ethernet card could be cheaper and easier. (Just thought, I don't know details.)"

"No, the problem is the wiring to the VIA controller on the motherboard. We already tried the external ethernet card with no success. We have been able to patch XE rev 1 boards to get working VIA DMA, but I am still waiting for patch instructions for my rev 2 board before I can verify that the lockup problem is gone on that board too."

">Why? Buggy ethernet driver/chip?

No, a simple error in the design that lead to bus collisions between the ethernet chip and the via chip."

This is a serious question for a serius subject. Before I bought it I had read posts online from corporate officials from Eyetech, Hyperion, Amiga Inc etc and a lot of other respectable personalities in this community and they all ensured there were no problems at all with the hardware. I spent a lot of money to buy this motherboard and I am worried about my investment! I am very curious how this will be handled!

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