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[News] Free AWeb development hosting OfferANN.lu
Posted on 08-Jun-2002 22:02 GMT by Henrik Mikael Kristensen54 comments
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Sunsite.dk (a non-profit open source hosting site) are willing to host the development site of AWeb for free as long as it's kept open source.
We just need to hear from those of you who want to continue the development of AWeb... I can't help with development myself (time restraints), but I can help with setting up the site and organize developers. If anyone wishes to participate, they are welcome. This is a good opportunity to get an Amiga browser up to speed with todays internet standards (CSS, XML, etc.) as well as native versions of this browser on OS4, AROS and MorphOS if you want.
It's also a good thing to have an open Amiga browser to which YOU can contribute, if there's something you don't like or want to change.

Sunsite.dk is able to provide us with CVS, space for a website with PHP4 or JSP/Servlets and a MySQL database, mailinglists, newsgroups, anonymous FTP for downloads, tape backup, UPS and fire-proof serverroom etc. They are rather flexible if we need other things...
PLUS: We get personal service around the clock (which we probably won't get with SourceForge).

There is more information available on http://sunsite.dk/

I think that it would be wise to take advantage of it and use it to make a better and fully featured, modern browser out of AWeb.

The site would be at http://aweb.sunsite.dk if we want to.

Send me an E-mail, if you want to participate and make this happen.
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