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[Unmoderated] new wireless phone that run AmigaDe/AnywhereANN.lu
Posted on 17-Feb-2004 18:00 GMT by Mz Anonymous10 comments
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We now make money for AmighaInc? Voq has partnered with Tao Group, the creators of intent, a multimedia platform now used by many of the world's leading OEMs in client products for home and mobile networks including Sony, JVC, Philips, and MyOrigo. Components of intent will provide Voq users with a multi media platform that supports Java and audio capabilities. Tao Group's MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1 runtime solution provides the fastest virtual machine Java support, guaranteeing superior performance, quality, and speed. The Advanced Polyphonic Ring-tone Engine (APRE) supports MIDI, which provides the Voq Professional Phone with an industry leading 64 note polyphonic tone capability.

"Tao's partnership with Sierra Wireless extends our reach into the wireless and cell phone market with a cutting edge product like the Voq Professional Phone," said Francis Charig, Chairman for Tao Group. "By enabling the Voq Professional Phone with complete multimedia support, consumer and business users are now provided with one of the most highly functional and versatile Smartphones on the market today."
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