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[Unmoderated] OS4 sold to KMOS?ANN.lu
Posted on 28-Feb-2004 16:25 GMT by News13 comments
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In a recent and now removed newsitem on amigaworld.net DaveyD posted the following. 27 February 2004: San Francisco, California. KMOS, Incorporated announced today that it has acquired the Operating System known as Amiga OS 4.0 from Amiga, Incorporated. Garry Hare, Chief Executive Officer of KMOS, said, the acquisition of this innovative operating system was completed in April of 2003. We have continued to cooperate, and will continue to cooperate, with the existing development, technical and distribution partners toward bringing this next generation computing experience to the AmigaOne market.

KMOS understands that a number of consumers have participated in promotional programs through Amiga, Incorporated that enable them to receive a copy of this new product at a price discounted from retail. KMOS will honor all such promotional programs. Prior to the commercial release of OS 4.0 information will be provided so that anyone holding a discount coupon, or other promotional offer, can easily redeem it and be among the first to receive this impressive product.

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