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[Unmoderated] Hostage situation progress report 2ANN.lu
Posted on 17-Jul-2004 23:35 GMT by Eva6 comments
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It's been 1093 days today since AmigaOS 4.0 has been kidnapped somewhere in Central Europe. We don't know where it is. We don't know if it's supposed to be released someday. We don't know if it's still alive. But we know who said in November 2001 that it would be ready in 2-3 months: A) Ben Hermans B) Frieden Bros C) Bill McEwans D) A good bunch of AmigaInc friends (like Pixie, Atheist, AMonRE, Rafo, ADD or your preferred BUF) PS This topic is just an answer to the first one of course to show the inteliggence "behind" AOs4 supporters.
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