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[Unmoderated] An ApologyANN.lu
Posted on 08-Oct-2004 00:27 GMT by Paul Gadd10 comments
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I have been thinking long and hard about myself. I am not happy with my actions, I admit to being a troll. I have caused many problems for people of late. I have been impersonating people. It all started out as a bit of fun. In truth I do not care about the MorphOS, or OS4. I simply loved coming on Amiga forums to wind people up. I enjoyed it, I got a kick out of it. But I have taken a good hard look at myself. I have been an idiot. My behaviour has been quite pathetic. I can make no excuses for myself, there really was no need for me to have been so toxic. I hope you can forgive me. Because of my bad actions I have been banned from many Amiga sites. ANN.lu in truth should ban me. This will be my last post here.
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