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[Web] AmiBench moving hostsANN.lu
Posted on 30-Sep-2002 12:52 GMT by Thomas Hurst
AmiBench has been moved to a new machine; some users may be unable to reach it for the next couple of days.

The DNS records for AmiBench's domains all had a time to live (TTL) of a week, and were only changed to an hour a few days before the move. If you see random-works.co.uk instead of AmiBench, your DNS records are out of date.

This should resolve itself within the next couple of days. In the mean time, you can try flushing your DNS caches (Miami users have a sysctl such as net.dns.cache.flush they can tweak, Unix users can restart named, Windows users can run ipconfig /flushdns) or you can try a different domain.

AmiBench is currently accessable from the following addresses: amibench.org amibench.net amibench.com

If anyone has any questions relating to the move, or if you have any technical problems such as mail bouncing or CGI's breaking, you can mail me at freaky@aagh.net.

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