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Posted on 04-Oct-2002 05:12 GMT by kevin orme26 comments
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Some great stuff now online, and hopefully a few more cool new things in the immediate future, too (stay tuned) :) http://www.amigau.com

We've got some cool new stuff online for you:

Site Mirrors: (http://www.amigau.com/sitearchives.htm)

- Amiga Source is now mirrored on our site, thanks Scott!
- we still maintain site mirrors of the excellent Blitz Basic, Samplitude Opus (with software downloads) and Amiga Interactive Guide sites, too.

Site Archives:

We have added two GREAT Amiga site archives from the somewhat recent past:

- National Amiga tech pages: these are full of great tech information, including pinouts, motherboard configs and lots of accelerator information - These were originally done by Greg Scott and used to be on National Amiga's website - thanks to Larry S. and Joe at Archtech in London, Ontario!

- Spock's Logical Amiga Pages: As many of you may remember, this was a great site that has been offline for some time, unfortunately due to its author, Eric Robertson, passing on last fall. Thanks to Donald Sowell for providing this data as hopefully a little memorial to Eric's fondness for the Amiga and his excellent site.

- Amiga Realm archive mirrors (12 of them) - Thanks to Paul Andrews for providing data to mirror their site archives!

Additional stuff:

303Tracker - this is a cool Roland TB303 emulator you can run on your Amiga - software downloads included - thanks to Jeroen Schellekens for his site archive and software

Events page: We have added an easy to find Events page for upcoming Amiga events & shows, and we pledge to keep it current! :) If you have an event or show coming up anywhere in the world, let us know so we can post it immediately.

Thanks, keep on coming back and if you have additional Amiga sites for us to help you mirror or archive (to preserve them), just let us know when/how. :)

kevin orme
amiga university

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