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[Web] GFX-BASE changesANN.lu
Posted on 13-Nov-2002 12:02 GMT by NARR1 comments
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At GFX-BASE we decided that we will not only bring you Amiga news in future but also all kind of interesting news regarding innovative and original developments of the IT sector. We would like to bring you funny stuff, website recommendations, game- and retro-news next to our usual Amiga news. I hope the changes are welcome. If not, we are sorry, but that's the way we want to go with GFX-BASE. Read more... So this mean that you can now send in news of all kinds: funny website, cool flash anims, interesting IT-news, Amiga news (of course), Retro-news, demo-scene news, stuff you find interesting and more...We already received news like that today - a good start, it makes us fell jolly-good! For further information and other changes at GFX-BASE click here.
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