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[Web] MorphZone Now Open.ANN.lu
Posted on 24-Feb-2003 00:52 GMT by Targhan29 comments
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http://www.morphzone.org is a new site for the MorphOS using part of the Amiga community. While the site isn't completely finished, the forums are now open. Come on down, pay us a visit! MorphZone Opens!

MorphZone (http://www.morphzone.org) is the new community portal for MorphOS users; including the MWD (Morph Web Directory), in-depth articles, forums, reviews, and more! MorphZone membership is free, as our services are geared to help cultivate the MorphOS community towards the future.

While many sections of MorphZone are currently under construction, the staff and moderaters have deemed that we can announce the opening of our forums. Beyond the expected forums, MorphZone's forums include several private forums, including forums for "the scene" and "Phoenix." There is also a special forum called "Generator," which will see special posts from people associated with Genesi to answer user's questions (these times will usually be announced a week or so in advance).

Soon, MorphZone will have an Ambient/Desktop contest, with the winners receiving a prize and their screen-grab will be published on several "partner" sites. Registered users can also adjust the look of MorphZone by selecting a different theme in their user-profile. These themes will allow MorphZone members to adjust the look and feel of MorphZone according to the browser that they are using at the time. MorphZone also maintains a news-feed from MorphOS-News.de to help keep pace with the world around us (thanks www.morphos-news.de). MorphZone.org promises to be a leap forward for the MorphOS community.

Finally, MorphZone wouldn't have been possible without the help of many friends, associates, and the community itself. The webmasters of MorphZone would like to thank the following people, institutions, and groups: Wayne Hunt (Amiga.org), Bill Buck, Raquel Valesco, MorphOS-News.de, VaporWare, #MorphOS on ARCNet, Jobbo, Phoenix, Hooligan, and many others.



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