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[Web] Fleecy talks again (but not about lawsuits)ANN.lu
Posted on 19-May-2003 03:07 GMT by Raffaele37 comments
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Fleecy Moss "Answers Week nr. 10" is available on :AmigaWorld. Remarkable points are: «Bill McEwen is still CEO.» and «I have no comments to make about any on going lawsuits.» Hum, seems that Fleecy is "appealing to the fifth amendement".
(well, he has got his fully rights to do so)

4) Tigger: Where you unaware of what Bill McEwen was going to say in the Bolten Peck case about not being the CEO, or were you intentionally misleading the Amiga Community with your post that Bill McEwen was still the CEO??

Fleecy: Bill McEwen is still CEO. He was CEO before I posted that statement, he was the CEO when I posted that statement and is the CEO today as I type this answer to you. I have no comments to make about any on going lawsuits.

End Quoting

Take your own conclusions from these statements...


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