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[Web] Genesi: Small number of Pegasos I / G4 availableANN.lu
Posted on 16-Jul-2003 04:11 GMT by Martin 'Senex' Heine117 comments
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Now available is the first CPU upgrade card for the Pegasos. Taking advantage of the flexible, expandable and open architecture, Genesi is delivering a G4 upgrade card to take your computing experiences to the next level! Pegasos G4 CPU Card

Now available is a processor card sporting the Motorola 7447 running at 1Ghz or more. The 7447 is the latest in the 4th generation (G4) PowerPC lineup from Motorola, offering an improved performance base over the previous generation (G3) series of processors. In addition to a larger cache, the 7447 offers more pipelines, an improved front side bus (FSB) and most of all, a SIMD unit called the Altivec. Altivec offers a dedicated on-chip vector engine, capable of delivering over a Gflops (billion floating point operations per second) while remaining affordable to the average user.

We have prepared a PDF document (4.7meg) describing many of the G4 processor's architectural benefits.

A small number of Pegasos 1 / April 2 systems are available with this G4 card for 499 Euros.

Please contact bbrv@genesi.lu if you are interested in this offer.
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