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Posted on 02-Oct-2003 11:47 GMT by Felix Schwarz (Edited on 2003-10-02 13:57:08 GMT by Christophe Decanini)56 comments
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Genesi's MorphOS Developer Connection now presents itself in a new and fresh design and reflects Genesi's common website look and cooperate identity.

Also, parts of the site have undergone restructuring. For example, the links-section can now be found as sub-category of the member section (previously "addressbook").

Since MDC's initial opening nearly four months ago, lots of changes and improvements have taken place and new sections have been added: * MDC Library
The new library grows steadily and will be the primary source of technical information on MorphOS for developers.

* MDC Labs
The MDC Labs right now offer a growing database of detailed and standardized software compatibility tests in its "Software Compatibility" section to provide MorphOS users with information on the compatibility of third party software with MorphOS.

* My MDC
In this section, members of the MDC have control over all settings that affects their account, including the subscription to forums in the form of mailinglists. In the future, more settings and services are planned.

* Third party developer tools
Since two months, the MDC is home to a growing archive of third party developer tools. Among them are MIDI development tools, USB scanner driver sources, VHI example drivers, 3D and other development tools for C and Pascal.

Besides these tools, information and services, the MDC continues to support MorphOS developers with discussion groups, a global addressbook, the MorphOS SDK, project managment tools, event planner and much more. At the time of writing the MDC has 324 members interested in development or actively developing for MorphOS, building a unique, very helpful and supportive community focused on development for MorphOS.

About MorphOS Developer Connection

The MorphOS Developer Connection (MDC) is offered by Genesi as a free service for all developers interested in MorphOS. The MDC is a central interface between you, the developer, and Genesi that offers communication and support for your MorphOS projects. Genesi supports third party projects, active developers as well as new developers for MorphOS with an infrastructure for information and organization.

At the MDC, you can find documentation, the MorphOS Software Development Kit (SDK), a discussion forum, a project management system, as well as MDC sponsored events. In addition, you will find friendly and helpful people, other developers as well as Genesi staff to assist you in learning all about how to develop for MorphOS. Through the MDC, you will find the support base you need to turn your MorphOS projects into successful projects.

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