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[Web] Amiga Demoscene Archive: last update of 2003ANN.lu
Posted on 21-Dec-2003 09:22 GMT by z5
Amiga Demoscene Archive was updated for the last time in 2003. For this, we decided to add more demos than usual. So 6 productions were added:
- Aroma Color / Cirion
- Atome / Skarla
- Ast / Amnesty
- Divine / Mellow Chips
- Traffic / Mystic
- Whammer Slammer / Rebels

We ended this year with 328 productions and 3325 screenshots.

Planet Potion/Potion and Desert Dream/Kefrens still battle it out for the 1st position in the charts. Both still have the top mark of 5/5 with both 16 votes. And Hardwired/Silents & Crionics entered the charts on 4th place.
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