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[Web] Finally an Amiga version of AmigaCamANN.lu
Posted on 24-Jul-2004 16:53 GMT by MiRRoRMaN10 comments
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Hello everyone, I figured a lot of people here where right, AmigaCam should have it's own Amiga version of the site. And now it has! I made a special OS-recognition system that sees wether you get on the site with a PC or Amiga, thus loading up the right website. Either flash or HTML. It has funny links every day and a cool Amiga webcam. There's also plenty of homemade software to download and even more software on the BBS! So browse to http://amigacam.commodore.at and have fun! KEEP THE AMIGA FIRE BURNING!!!! (PS I tested this on PC's and Amiga Aweb, but I'm not entirely sure it will work on IBrowse. let me know if it does or doesn't. Should it in a strange event, or older version of IBrowse, not work go to the direct link instead: http://amigacam.50free.net/htmmenu.html)
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