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[Web] Issue 37 of the Crypt now out.ANN.lu
Posted on 26-Sep-2004 08:20 GMT by Steve Evans (Edited on 2004-09-26 11:04:29 GMT by Christian Kemp)1 comments
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Issue 37 - Death in Dallas is ready for you to read: http://www.thecryptmag.com We have our usual blend of articles, Jokes,Cartoons, Computing Help. We even tell you how to convert your old VHS tape to DVD using your PC.

Our themed page this issue deals with the assassination of John F Kennedy. Was it a plot? Did Lee Harvey Oswald fire the shots? Was there more than one gunman? and did Jack Ruby shoot Oswald to maintain his silence. We try to provide the answers.

Plus don`t forget to have your say on our NEW forum.

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