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[Forum] AmiBench needs your help!ANN.lu
Posted on 03-Aug-2004 17:11 GMT by Mark Wilson0 comments

The AmiBench Team are Looking for Experianced HTML / PHP / MySql Devs for AmiBench Project.

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[Forum] Pegasos buys Amiga!ANN.lu
Posted on 03-Aug-2004 10:36 GMT by Man on the moon23 comments
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Shocking news! PegasosPPC recently acquired Amiga!*
Could this buy-out ever be the first step BBRV took in the right direction to bring back the Community together?

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[Forum] Amiga and BeetANN.lu
Posted on 29-Jul-2004 22:25 GMT by Agima67 comments
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What's the best beer to drink while using your Amiga?

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[Forum] KMOSANN.lu
Posted on 27-Jul-2004 06:20 GMT by Anon58 comments
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How much money does KMOS have?
[Forum] Controversal: MOS team statement & BBRV's statements about MOS resellerANN.lu
Posted on 25-Jul-2004 13:04 GMT by Amon_Re28 comments
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In this link that points to morphzone.org you'll see that any news about MOS is only official and/or real if it comes from the official prepresentives. (Ralph Schmidt, Frank Mariak and David Gerber)

However, in this thread BBRV is claiming (together with Neko in the comments) that tey have found a reseller for MOS.

There is also this thread posted in an earlier item by me that further questions that deal.

My question is, does *anyone* have an idea of what is going on?
[Forum] MOS has found a recellerANN.lu
Posted on 24-Jul-2004 19:32 GMT by Amon_Re8 comments
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While reading the thread about the Peg2 production costs started by Johan i came accross a link to MorphZone.

According to this thread posted by BBRV, MOS has found a reseller, but there's little information available, still, might be an intresting read for some.

[Forum] Amiga Future: Interview AmigaguidenANN.lu
Posted on 24-Jul-2004 17:54 GMT by Andreas Magerl0 comments
today we release a german translate from the Amigaguiden Interview from AmigaWorld on our page.



[Forum] Moovid 1.7 OS4 PPC nativeANN.lu
Posted on 24-Jul-2004 10:31 GMT by ikir6 comments
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As pointed out by HMK in AW.net forums, an AmigaOS4 beta-tester has released an another unofficial video. The video is about AmigaOS4's default movie player MooVId (1.7 native OS4 version).

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[Forum] Forum: Symbian Founder on Mobile SpaceANN.lu
Posted on 22-Jul-2004 07:17 GMT by Joe "Floid" Kanowitz8 comments
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For the other half a person who still thinks the phone market is in some way related to Amiga, The Register have an interesting interview with Colly Myers, former CEO. Is the general-purpose device really dead, or do people just suck at making them?

Oh yeah, Kyocera may have given the Cosmo a quiet send-off (Babelfish req'd) in April, too.
[Forum] FreescaleANN.lu
Posted on 22-Jul-2004 06:06 GMT by Emil 'opi' Oppeln Bronikowski35 comments
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Freescale -- possible (or are they partner allready?) Genesi partner has raported a steady grown in a second quater.
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