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[News] Updated PegXmac and PegXmacSP - new feature added!ANN.lu
Posted on 01-Aug-2004 21:59 GMT by PegXlin DEV7 comments
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PegXmac and PegXmacSP is now at version 1.2 Hard drive installer added and bug fixes

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[News] APoV (Amiga Point of View) issue 2 releasedANN.lu
Posted on 31-Jul-2004 14:31 GMT by Duke4 comments
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APoV (Amiga Point of View) is retro Amiga games magazine in PDF format. Issue 2 features reviews, articles about Bullfrog, CAPS, WHDLoad and much more.

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[News] Shipping of ALGOR and ALGOR PRO delayedANN.lu
Posted on 27-Jul-2004 11:01 GMT by Chris Hodges5 comments
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I writing this on behalf of Michael Böhmer/E3B, who currently has some severe health problems :-( Due to this, the shipment of the new batch of ALGOR and ALGOR PRO boards will be delayed by (hopefully only) one week.
[News] ImageFX NewsANN.lu
Posted on 26-Jul-2004 07:26 GMT by Computer City27 comments
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Following the release for Genesi's SuperBundle, ImageFX Light is now also available for AmigaOS4 users and will be uploaded to the OS4 Depot shortly.

Find out more about ImageFX here: www.novadesign.com

ImageFX Upgrade Promotion

NovaDesign's European distributor, Computer City is offering the following upgrade promotion;

If you order the upgrade from ImageFX Light to ImageFX 4.5 Studio you get FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING plus a free Pen Tablet drawing board worth EUR 24,99!

The price for this upgrade is:
EUR 99,- (including VAT, for European customers) or
USD 99,- (excluding VAT, for customers outside Europe).

Orders can be placed through the Computer City webshop: www.computercity.biz Choose "Pickup at the shop" as a shipping method, if the upgrade item is in your order we will ship the whole order (including any extra items you order) to your door free of shipping charges!

[News] E3B: new version of ALGOR is shipping!ANN.lu
Posted on 26-Jul-2004 07:01 GMT by Michael Böhmer0 comments
E3B is pleased to announce the new ALGOR PRO USB controller with embedded FlashROM. For details, please check the press release.

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[News] Motion for Relief from Judgement: DENIEDANN.lu
Posted on 26-Jul-2004 02:21 GMT by Sammy Nordström52 comments
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The court has finally responed to Amiga Inc.'s motion for relief from judgement; the motion is DENIED. Furthermore, the court clarifies the specific performance granted to the plaintiff.

As always, the court documents are available at:

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[News] KMOS has bought Amiga Inc.ANN.lu
Posted on 25-Jul-2004 11:35 GMT by David Holm9 comments
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Pegasos.org reports that Dr. Garry Hare made the announcement during AmiWest2004 that he now owns all of Amiga Inc.
[News] Pocket UAE for all Pocket PCsANN.lu
Posted on 25-Jul-2004 11:05 GMT by sid4 comments
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No linux required, a full UAE for the Pocket PC. First Beta, but works very well. At last I've got my Amiga in my Pocket! Thanks to pocket insanity...
Pocket Insanity Pocket UAE

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[News] IOSPIRIT: Service CD availableANN.lu
Posted on 25-Jul-2004 10:03 GMT by IOSPIRIT1 comments
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For customers with slow internet connectivity or the desire to also own a copy of the latest updates on CD, IOSPIRIT is now offering a Service CD.

The CD contains the latest updates patches for fxPAINT 2, fxSCAN 4, VHI Studio 6, IOUSB and additional material (also available for download) for fxPAINT and fxSCAN.

The Service CD is immediately available for 5 EUR (+ P&P).

[News] AmiWest2004 video stream from IntuitionBase.comANN.lu
Posted on 24-Jul-2004 20:11 GMT by Ryu0 comments
UGN and IntuitionBase.com have teamed up to bring you a live video stream from the show this weekend, more information can be found on the UGN website.

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