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[News] VillageTronic lays off 80% of Amiga workersANN.lu
Posted on 20-Apr-2001 11:08 GMT by Christophe Decanini11 comments
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From VGR website: Mr. Randy West posted some information on VillageTronic GmbH and the Voodoo add on module for the Picasso IV on comp.sys.amiga.hardware:
"Talk to a friend that lives by Villagetronic. It's offical Villagetronic Amiga is more more 80% of the Amiga workers have been laided off. There won't be a Paraglider unless they sell the prototype board which is the only one that was made."

That was a follow up to this post "The last announcement I got from Blittersoft was last summer (or last fall?) when they confirmed that the project was still going on. I got an email from them a month or so ago where saying that they removed the advertisement from their site. Since 3dfx is kind of dead, are there any chance of seeing this product come to life?"

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