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Posted on 27-Jan-2002 21:50 GMT by Christian Kemp22 comments
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ANN turned five years old a month ago. I didn't do my usual write-up because I was away, and returned to a page that had been abused by one or more anonymous posters. Needless to say, motivation was pretty low.

I just paid the domain registration for another year.

While an attentive reader might have noticed that I am no longer using an Amiga (neither in software nor hardware), I am still clinging to this page, and intend to keep it running for some more time.

By the end of this month, about three hundred thousand pages will have been delivered since new year's day. And while I have noticed that there has been some degradation of some of the comment threads, I still think this is truly a remarkable achievement for a hobby site catering for a niche market.

So where am I going with this? - I don't know. I guess I just wanted to post a proof that I am still alive, and indeed, that ANN is still alive.

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