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Posted on 19-Apr-2002 03:14 GMT by Darren Eveland38 comments
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Some interesting "news" items in the newest software hut newsletter, including:

-Elbox's SharkPPC may be the first OS 4 hardware solution
-According to Software Hut's "sources", the bplan "pegasos" hardware to run AmigaOS 4

Welcome to the Software Hut newsletter. We have been getting a lot of calls on many of the new items coming out over the next 6 months and wanted to keep everyone up to date about them. First up is the Amiga One and OS 4.


There has been a lot of inquiries for the Amiga One recently. Eyetech has said they will begin shipping the developer board soon. As of yet the developer board has not shipped. The developer board is only for those interested in developing and beta testing OS 4 and is intended for only the most technically savvy people. It is not even assured this board will work with the final release of OS 4 or other applications that will be running on the production models of the Amiga One. With that in mind and the fact that the Amiga One production board will be much different and still a number of months off we are not going to take pre-orders until the product is much closer to being released. Also additional cards and other add on boards many of our customers will want to add to their Amiga One will change in price and type by then. We realize everyone is very interested in this product but a preorder of something that may change before release or be delayed further does not help any of us out. More details to come as the product is closer to shipping.


Another solution to run OS 4 is the Mediator/Shark PPC combination. The Mediator is a PCI expansion board that also will house the Shark G4 PPC card. This card is in development and is waiting for OS before being released. This combination may well be the first hardware available to run the new OS when released. We will be sure to keep everyone up to date as soon as we have a firm price and release date for the board and for the OS 4.
Please note we are currently shipping the Mediator board for all 1200 tower models, the 4000 Power Tower, 4000T and 3000T and 3000 desktop models. For details please visit:


We have heard the Bplan board is getting closer to release also and will be able to run OS 4 according to our sources. As soon as more details and specs are available we will bring them to you.


Our closeout and specials lists have been so well received we brought in another 1700 pieces of software and have redone and expanded our lists. Check out our lists which now cover 4 sections including Amiga Productivity Disk, Amiga productivity CD, Amiga disk Games and Amiga CD Games. Many titles are under $ 10.00. When you look back on the lists you will be amazed at how many titles were available for Amiga and how many we all fondly remember using and still use today for our computing needs. As always the best titles go fast so order early. To see all the titles please visit the following link:


We have just been told by the developer of the toastscan that the prototype is fully working with the toaster and all parts to build the production run have been sourced. We expect the first delivery to be in 3 to 4 weeks. Our thanks to everyone who has preordered and has waited patiently (probably more patiently than us), it looks like your wait is almost over.
Meanwhile the 17 inch off lease major brand monitors are almost sold out. There are only about 35 pieces left out of 400 we brought in so if you are interested in one please order soon. You can see details on our home page located at:


Our always popular section for finding that hard to get board has been fully updated. Please visit:


Thank you for your time and support and we will make sure to keep everyone up to date on all the new developments over the coming months.


Software Hut Inc.
610-701-6306 FAX

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