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[Rant] AmigaOS + POP/PPC petition official web siteANN.lu
Posted on 06-Jun-2002 04:30 GMT by Seehund280 comments
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AmigaPOP.8bit.co.uk is finally online!

Here you'll hopefully find all information you could possibly want about the "AmigaOS distribution policies and POP/PPC hardware petition". I hope the background information and FAQ will be especially helpful to clear up any confusion surrounding these issues.

If you have not yet signed the petition, then please do so now! Please help spreading the word by linking to AmigaPOP.8bit.co.uk. It's not too late to save our favourite OS and a unified POP-based hardware market!

In other news, I have finally managed to get in touch with the PetitionOnline.com administrators. The few abuse and sabotage attempts so far have been removed from the signatory listings. Not that any garbage would ever reach the recipient of our petition, but I understand some thought that it didn't look too good...
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Comment 2Anonymous06-Jun-2002 04:58 GMT
Comment 3DaveW06-Jun-2002 05:02 GMT
Comment 4Seehund06-Jun-2002 05:13 GMT
Comment 5W06-Jun-2002 05:23 GMT
Comment 6SimplePPC06-Jun-2002 05:26 GMT
Comment 7Anonymous06-Jun-2002 05:30 GMT
Comment 8DaveW06-Jun-2002 05:30 GMT
Comment 9Samface06-Jun-2002 05:33 GMT
Comment 10Tbone06-Jun-2002 05:41 GMT
Comment 11Tbone06-Jun-2002 05:44 GMT
Comment 12DaveW06-Jun-2002 05:52 GMT
Comment 13Ben Hermans/Hyperion06-Jun-2002 06:07 GMT
Comment 14Samface06-Jun-2002 06:09 GMT
Comment 15Tbone06-Jun-2002 06:19 GMT
Comment 16Samface06-Jun-2002 06:32 GMT
Comment 17Björn Hagström06-Jun-2002 06:34 GMT
Comment 18Tbone06-Jun-2002 06:41 GMT
Comment 19Samface06-Jun-2002 06:44 GMT
Comment 20Björn Hagström06-Jun-2002 06:45 GMT
Comment 21Ben Hermans/Hyperion06-Jun-2002 06:59 GMT
Comment 22anarchic_teapot06-Jun-2002 07:07 GMT
Comment 23Tbone06-Jun-2002 07:12 GMT
Comment 24Anders Hasselqvist06-Jun-2002 07:16 GMT
Comment 25Samface06-Jun-2002 07:19 GMT
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Comment 27Anonymous06-Jun-2002 07:23 GMT
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Comment 29Tbone06-Jun-2002 07:32 GMT
Comment 30Bladerunner06-Jun-2002 07:35 GMT
Comment 31Anders Hasselqvist06-Jun-2002 07:39 GMT
Comment 32Tbone06-Jun-2002 07:43 GMT
Comment 33Anders Hasselqvist06-Jun-2002 07:43 GMT
Comment 34Ben Hermans/Hyperion06-Jun-2002 07:46 GMT
Comment 35Tbone06-Jun-2002 07:47 GMT
Comment 36Samface06-Jun-2002 08:01 GMT
Comment 37Samface06-Jun-2002 08:03 GMT
Comment 38Ben Hermans/Hyperion06-Jun-2002 08:04 GMT
Comment 39Don Cox06-Jun-2002 08:07 GMT
Comment 40Samface06-Jun-2002 08:10 GMT
Comment 41Don Cox06-Jun-2002 08:11 GMT
Comment 42Bladerunner06-Jun-2002 08:13 GMT
Comment 43Anonymous06-Jun-2002 08:13 GMT
Comment 44anonymous coder06-Jun-2002 08:17 GMT
Comment 45Samface06-Jun-2002 08:18 GMT
Comment 46Samface06-Jun-2002 08:20 GMT
Comment 47Ben Hermans/Hyperion06-Jun-2002 08:20 GMT
Comment 48Tbone06-Jun-2002 08:22 GMT
Comment 49Georg Steger06-Jun-2002 08:28 GMT
Comment 50Tbone06-Jun-2002 08:31 GMT
Comment 51Tbone06-Jun-2002 08:35 GMT
Comment 52Douglas McLaughlin06-Jun-2002 08:53 GMT
Comment 53Robert06-Jun-2002 09:09 GMT
Comment 54anarchic_teapot06-Jun-2002 09:11 GMT
Comment 55Ben Hermans/Hyperion06-Jun-2002 09:15 GMT
Comment 56anarchic_teapot06-Jun-2002 09:18 GMT
Comment 57DaveW06-Jun-2002 09:23 GMT
Comment 58Ben Hermans/Hyperion06-Jun-2002 09:24 GMT
Comment 59Menthos06-Jun-2002 09:45 GMT
Comment 60MasterOfReality06-Jun-2002 10:43 GMT
Comment 61Menthos06-Jun-2002 10:48 GMT
Comment 62cOrpse06-Jun-2002 11:23 GMT
Comment 63Joe "Floid" Kanowitz06-Jun-2002 11:42 GMT
Comment 64Lukas Stehlik06-Jun-2002 12:05 GMT
Comment 65Samface06-Jun-2002 12:24 GMT
Comment 66Menthos06-Jun-2002 12:34 GMT
Comment 67Samface06-Jun-2002 12:39 GMT
Comment 68amigammc06-Jun-2002 12:53 GMT
Comment 69sutro06-Jun-2002 13:00 GMT
Comment 70amigammc06-Jun-2002 13:03 GMT
Comment 71Lukas Stehlik06-Jun-2002 13:17 GMT
Comment 72Lukas Stehlik06-Jun-2002 13:18 GMT
Comment 73Besserwisser06-Jun-2002 13:20 GMT
Comment 74Lukas Stehlik06-Jun-2002 13:24 GMT
Comment 75Menthos06-Jun-2002 13:25 GMT
Comment 76Menthos06-Jun-2002 13:26 GMT
Comment 77Anonymous06-Jun-2002 13:29 GMT
Comment 78Lukas Stehlik06-Jun-2002 13:29 GMT
Comment 79dammy06-Jun-2002 13:32 GMT
Comment 80Samface06-Jun-2002 13:33 GMT
Comment 81Lukas Stehlik06-Jun-2002 13:34 GMT
Comment 82Samface06-Jun-2002 13:36 GMT
Comment 83Lukas Stehlik06-Jun-2002 13:37 GMT
Comment 84cOrpse06-Jun-2002 13:40 GMT
Comment 85Lukas Stehlik06-Jun-2002 13:41 GMT
Comment 86Menthos06-Jun-2002 13:42 GMT
Comment 87Samface06-Jun-2002 13:42 GMT
Comment 88Menthos06-Jun-2002 13:43 GMT
Comment 89Lukas Stehlik06-Jun-2002 13:49 GMT
Comment 90Menthos06-Jun-2002 13:49 GMT
Comment 91Samface06-Jun-2002 13:50 GMT
Comment 92Menthos06-Jun-2002 13:53 GMT
Comment 93cOrpse06-Jun-2002 13:53 GMT
Comment 94Lukas Stehlik06-Jun-2002 13:54 GMT
Comment 95Ben Hermans/Hyperion06-Jun-2002 13:55 GMT
Comment 96Samface06-Jun-2002 13:56 GMT
Comment 97Menthos06-Jun-2002 13:56 GMT
Comment 98Menthos06-Jun-2002 13:58 GMT
Comment 99Samface06-Jun-2002 14:04 GMT
Comment 100Menthos06-Jun-2002 14:04 GMT
Comment 101Don Cox06-Jun-2002 14:14 GMT
Comment 102Samface06-Jun-2002 14:20 GMT
Comment 103Don Cox06-Jun-2002 14:20 GMT
Comment 104Samface06-Jun-2002 14:22 GMT
Comment 105|Lando|06-Jun-2002 14:26 GMT
Comment 106Samface06-Jun-2002 14:27 GMT
Comment 107Lukas Stehlik06-Jun-2002 14:36 GMT
Comment 108|Lando|06-Jun-2002 14:38 GMT
Comment 109cOrpse06-Jun-2002 14:50 GMT
Comment 110Mekanix06-Jun-2002 15:26 GMT
Comment 111Lukas Stehlik06-Jun-2002 15:39 GMT
Comment 112smithy06-Jun-2002 16:10 GMT
Comment 113|Lando|06-Jun-2002 16:16 GMT
Comment 114JoBBo06-Jun-2002 16:25 GMT
Comment 115|Lando|06-Jun-2002 16:34 GMT
Comment 116Samface06-Jun-2002 16:36 GMT
Comment 117JoBBo06-Jun-2002 16:37 GMT
Comment 118cOrpse06-Jun-2002 16:42 GMT
Comment 119TimeWillTell06-Jun-2002 16:44 GMT
Comment 120Mark Olsen06-Jun-2002 16:52 GMT
Comment 121|Lando|06-Jun-2002 16:54 GMT
Comment 122Troels E06-Jun-2002 17:00 GMT
Comment 123dammy06-Jun-2002 17:02 GMT
Comment 124Amifan06-Jun-2002 17:03 GMT
Comment 125JoBBo06-Jun-2002 17:04 GMT
Comment 126Georg Steger06-Jun-2002 17:13 GMT
Comment 127JoBBo06-Jun-2002 17:16 GMT
Comment 128Amifan06-Jun-2002 17:19 GMT
Comment 129KenH06-Jun-2002 17:26 GMT
Comment 130JoBBo06-Jun-2002 17:27 GMT
Comment 131JoBBo06-Jun-2002 17:29 GMT
Comment 132Mekanix06-Jun-2002 18:14 GMT
Comment 133KenH06-Jun-2002 21:11 GMT
Comment 134KenH06-Jun-2002 21:13 GMT
Comment 135Alkis Tsapanidis06-Jun-2002 22:26 GMT
Comment 136Seehund06-Jun-2002 22:28 GMT
Comment 137Mike07-Jun-2002 00:08 GMT
Comment 138amigammc07-Jun-2002 02:44 GMT
Comment 139amigammc07-Jun-2002 02:48 GMT
Comment 140Anonymous07-Jun-2002 03:26 GMT
Comment 141Anonymous07-Jun-2002 04:43 GMT
Comment 142Anders Kjeldsen07-Jun-2002 05:22 GMT
Comment 143Tbone07-Jun-2002 05:29 GMT
Comment 144Menthos07-Jun-2002 05:31 GMT
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Comment 146Menthos07-Jun-2002 05:39 GMT
Comment 147Björn Hagström07-Jun-2002 05:53 GMT
Comment 148Menthos07-Jun-2002 06:26 GMT
Comment 149Anonymous07-Jun-2002 06:33 GMT
Comment 150Anonymous07-Jun-2002 06:34 GMT
Comment 151Björn Hagström07-Jun-2002 06:37 GMT
Comment 152Björn Hagström07-Jun-2002 06:43 GMT
Comment 153Menthos07-Jun-2002 06:49 GMT
Comment 154Tbone07-Jun-2002 06:57 GMT
Comment 155Menthos07-Jun-2002 07:09 GMT
Comment 156SlimJim07-Jun-2002 07:10 GMT
Comment 157Samface07-Jun-2002 07:14 GMT
Comment 158Samface07-Jun-2002 07:17 GMT
Comment 159Samface07-Jun-2002 07:20 GMT
Comment 160Ben Hermans/Hyperion07-Jun-2002 07:22 GMT
Comment 161Menthos07-Jun-2002 07:22 GMT
Comment 162Menthos07-Jun-2002 07:24 GMT
Comment 163Björn Hagström07-Jun-2002 07:27 GMT
Comment 164Samface07-Jun-2002 07:29 GMT
Comment 165Menthos07-Jun-2002 07:33 GMT
Comment 166Tbone07-Jun-2002 07:36 GMT
Comment 167Amifan07-Jun-2002 07:41 GMT
Comment 168Tbone07-Jun-2002 07:43 GMT
Comment 169Tbone07-Jun-2002 07:46 GMT
Comment 170Björn Hagström07-Jun-2002 07:49 GMT
Comment 171Anders Kjeldsen07-Jun-2002 07:55 GMT
Comment 172Menthos07-Jun-2002 07:58 GMT
Comment 173Tbone07-Jun-2002 08:14 GMT
Comment 174Anonymous07-Jun-2002 08:23 GMT
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Comment 178Marcus Sundman07-Jun-2002 08:33 GMT
Comment 179Menthos07-Jun-2002 08:37 GMT
Comment 180Bill Panagouleas07-Jun-2002 08:44 GMT
Comment 181Don Cox07-Jun-2002 08:49 GMT
Comment 182Menthos07-Jun-2002 08:53 GMT
Comment 183Marcus Sundman07-Jun-2002 09:02 GMT
Comment 184JoBBo07-Jun-2002 09:03 GMT
Comment 185Tbone07-Jun-2002 09:10 GMT
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Comment 187Anonymous07-Jun-2002 09:11 GMT
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Comment 190JoBBo07-Jun-2002 09:31 GMT
Comment 191Tbone07-Jun-2002 09:38 GMT
Comment 192Menthos07-Jun-2002 09:41 GMT
Comment 193JoBBo07-Jun-2002 09:44 GMT
Comment 194Menthos07-Jun-2002 09:49 GMT
Comment 195Anders Kjeldsen07-Jun-2002 09:50 GMT
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Comment 198Menthos07-Jun-2002 10:04 GMT
Comment 199Tbone07-Jun-2002 10:06 GMT
Comment 200Mika Hanhijärvi07-Jun-2002 10:07 GMT
Comment 201Anonymous07-Jun-2002 10:08 GMT
Comment 202Tbone07-Jun-2002 10:14 GMT
Comment 203Menthos07-Jun-2002 10:15 GMT
Comment 204Anders Kjeldsen07-Jun-2002 10:20 GMT
Comment 205Menthos07-Jun-2002 10:23 GMT
Comment 206Mika Hanhijärvi07-Jun-2002 10:23 GMT
Comment 207Menthos07-Jun-2002 10:28 GMT
Comment 208Tbone07-Jun-2002 10:30 GMT
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Comment 210Marcus Sundman07-Jun-2002 10:41 GMT
Comment 211Tbone07-Jun-2002 10:43 GMT
Comment 212Trizt07-Jun-2002 10:53 GMT
Comment 213Menthos07-Jun-2002 10:53 GMT
Comment 214Trizt07-Jun-2002 10:55 GMT
Comment 215Tbone07-Jun-2002 11:04 GMT
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Comment 217David S Lund07-Jun-2002 11:10 GMT
Comment 218Lukas Stehlik07-Jun-2002 11:13 GMT
Comment 219Tbone07-Jun-2002 11:15 GMT
Comment 220Menthos07-Jun-2002 11:15 GMT
Comment 221Lukas Stehlik07-Jun-2002 11:24 GMT
Comment 222amigammc07-Jun-2002 12:05 GMT
Comment 223amigammc07-Jun-2002 12:19 GMT
Comment 224amigammc07-Jun-2002 12:27 GMT
Comment 225Anonymous07-Jun-2002 12:38 GMT
Comment 226Ben Hermans/Hyperion07-Jun-2002 13:03 GMT
Comment 227Marcus Sundman07-Jun-2002 13:30 GMT
Comment 228Anonymous07-Jun-2002 14:37 GMT
Comment 229Phill07-Jun-2002 14:41 GMT
Comment 230Phill07-Jun-2002 14:57 GMT
Comment 231anonymous07-Jun-2002 15:00 GMT
Comment 232Phill07-Jun-2002 15:02 GMT
Comment 233Seehund07-Jun-2002 15:23 GMT
Comment 234Donovan Reeve07-Jun-2002 18:42 GMT
Comment 235Björn Hagström07-Jun-2002 19:22 GMT
Comment 236Björn Hagström07-Jun-2002 19:23 GMT
Comment 237Björn Hagström07-Jun-2002 19:28 GMT
Comment 238Marcus Sundman07-Jun-2002 19:30 GMT
Comment 239Björn Hagström07-Jun-2002 19:33 GMT
AmigaOS + POP/PPC petition official web site : Comment 240 of 280ANN.lu
Posted by Donovan Reeve on 07-Jun-2002 19:40 GMT
In reply to Comment 197 (Tbone):
What you are saying is as unrealistic as you believe Amiga are being.
No O.S. maker can chase varying motherboard standards. This would bloat
the O.S. greatly and be an endless money pit. All motherboards are made
to fit the platform. All platforms are defined by the O.S. Any motherboard
maker which is unwilling to commit themselves to following the rules of a
platform is, by definition, not making a motherboard for that platform.
If a motherboard maker is trying to make a MoBo to support more than one
platform they are foolish and opening themselves a real can of worms.
Therefor they will not do that. But the same is true for O.S. makers.
They would be foolish to try to adapt their O.S. to many motherboards not
intended for it, so they will not do that either. It cannot be profitable.
Therefore, the only workable way is for standards to be made by either an
O.S. maker or a hardware maker, thus defining a platform, and making legally
binding agreements with other partys to participate in that platform according
to the rules. This is called liscensing, and may be either free or for a
price as the platform owner sees fit. Amiga own the platform called Amiga
because they own the Amiga name and are in the continuing process of defining
the Amiga platform. If anyone else wants to do something different then they
must start their own platform, which cannot be said to be Amiga because it
isn't due to not being owned and defined by Amiga. Any company which is NOT
part of Amiga has absolutely NO say-so in the Amiga platform accept to suggest
what they would like to see happen. Other than suggesting changes, those
participating in another companys platform must toe the line or leave,
otherwise their would be a mess. In the years that Amiga was in limbo,
Phase 5 started a drive in the direction they thought the Amiga platform
should go (with them leading the way and reaping the major profits of course)
But Amiga (who had after all paid a lot of money for the rights to the
Amiga name and platform) naturally wanted to make their own plans for their
own business an profit from it themselves rather than lose their huge
investment. (This was first Gateway, then later Amino which was renamed
Amiga. Some of those from Phase5 got together with others to continue their
own plans and the whole thing sort of "morphed" into what became MorphOS,
with related hardware maker BPlan also on board. Now they essentually have
their own platform which they believe is better than Amiga. That's fine.
But it is not Amiga, and may not say that it is. BPlan, of whom MorphOS
originater Ralph Schmidt is a part, has decided to support and push MorphOS
rather than Amiga. That's fine also, but their hardware is now (by their own
choice) part of the MorphOS platform and not the Amiga platform. If they
wish to also make hardware liscensed for the Amiga platform they can if they
will, but so far they aren't interested. They are understandably concentrating
on supporting their own platform.
It's TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT PLATFORMS. Thats the bottom line. Users may
choose to buy equiptment for one or the other or both and/or any other
platforms they wish to use. Amiga has laid down the rules for their platform
for their own reasons having to do with making a living, and BPlan has so far
chosen not to build for that platform, a perfectly understandable choice as
they also want to make a living with their OWN MorphOS platform.
Donovan Reeve (bubby@inebraska.com)
#242 Marcus Sundman
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