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Posted on 02-Nov-2002 18:36 GMT by Ian Stedman58 comments
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Just put some pictures of the World of Amiga show online at http://www.ianstedman.co.uk/woase/woase2002.htm Not put a show report yet but I have added comment text to each picture.

The show was good from my point of view, got a few bargains and got to play with a few Pegasos systems. All of the companies present were doing good trade and had good offers

Apparently AmigaOS 4 is 90% done, just the last few bits to do. The last 10% is always the tricky part. Ben Hermann's who presented had a sense of humour with a few jokes about Amiga user complaints! ;)

Some techie stuff on OS4 while I remember, exec re-written in C taking 42000 lines of code? Context switching times of 4 microseconds on AmigaOne and 40 microseconds on Blizzard PPC. Compare this to 400 microseconds or more for OS X. Apparently gives better real time performance than QNX momentics!

Amiga OS 4 has new TCP/IP stack, support for ReiserFS and the old FFS. USB built in. Hardware abstraction layer working well. HDToolbox replacement with media support. 68K emulation on a 600 MHZ G3 gives equivalent performance to a 68060@50MHz.

Unfortunately there was no demo of Amiga OS 4.

Thendic came well prepared with many Pegasos systems running MorphOS, MacOnLinux and SuSE Linux. I was impressed with these systems.

Eyetech had an AmigaOne in an ATX case, a motherboard and a system sort of running. I say sort of as I never saw anything more than a boot console.

That is all I can remember at the moment. Enjoy the pictures. Overall the show was enjoyable.

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