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Posted on 05-Nov-2002 00:13 GMT by catohagen (Edited on 2002-11-05 07:06:17 GMT by Christian Kemp)17 comments
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Finally! After a long time of development, the Multimedia authoring system Hollywood is available. Hollywood is a powerful and extensive program which is unique on the Amiga.
You could compare Hollywood with a modern version of Scala: But Hollywood works fully in 24bit mode
and uses only system functions to grant compatibility on every Amiga system.
Because of this extreme system friendly programming Hollywood does also run on Amiga emulators
with great speed. Versions of Hollywood for MorphOS and AmigaOS4 and maybe also AROS are planned.
On the Hollywood product page you will find an extensive overview including screenshots from the program.
In the next days some applications done with Hollywood will be presented here.
Hollywood is delivered on CD-ROM and can be ordered now.

Hollywood homepage
source : Czech Amiga.News
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