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[Motd] MOTD 24/Sep/2003ANN.lu
Posted on 24-Sep-2003 20:35 GMT by Christian Kemp38 comments
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I have changed the bevahiour of the "Unmoderated" category: starting today, posted items will only stay there until they are moved to a different category, or deleted. All old/unmoderated items have been moved to "Forum".
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Comment 1takemehomegrandmaRegistered user24-Sep-2003 18:44 GMT
Comment 2Anonymous24-Sep-2003 18:44 GMT
Comment 3Christian KempRegistered user24-Sep-2003 18:46 GMT
Comment 4Anonymous24-Sep-2003 18:47 GMT
Comment 5bbrvRegistered user24-Sep-2003 18:48 GMT
Comment 6Christian KempRegistered user24-Sep-2003 18:48 GMT
Comment 7Anonymous24-Sep-2003 18:49 GMT
Comment 8Christian KempRegistered user24-Sep-2003 18:51 GMT
Comment 9Anonymous24-Sep-2003 19:04 GMT
Comment 10Anonymous24-Sep-2003 19:05 GMT
Comment 11Anonymous24-Sep-2003 19:15 GMT
Comment 12IanSRegistered user24-Sep-2003 19:21 GMT
Comment 13bbrvRegistered user24-Sep-2003 20:51 GMT
Comment 14Raffaele24-Sep-2003 21:01 GMT
Comment 15Anonymous24-Sep-2003 21:23 GMT
Comment 16IanSRegistered user24-Sep-2003 21:29 GMT
Comment 17mark25-Sep-2003 00:36 GMT
Comment 18MarkTime25-Sep-2003 00:47 GMT
Comment 19MarkTime25-Sep-2003 01:03 GMT
Comment 20MarkTime25-Sep-2003 01:20 GMT
Comment 21CodeSmith25-Sep-2003 02:09 GMT
Comment 22Anonymous25-Sep-2003 04:40 GMT
Comment 23Anonymous25-Sep-2003 05:53 GMT
Comment 24Anonymous25-Sep-2003 05:56 GMT
Comment 25Raffaele25-Sep-2003 07:36 GMT
Comment 26Paul GaddRegistered user25-Sep-2003 07:42 GMT
Comment 27Anonymous25-Sep-2003 07:58 GMT
Comment 28Anonymous25-Sep-2003 09:23 GMT
Comment 29Rik Sweeney25-Sep-2003 09:42 GMT
Comment 30Anonymous25-Sep-2003 09:48 GMT
Comment 31BrianK25-Sep-2003 14:14 GMT
Comment 32Anonymous25-Sep-2003 15:27 GMT
Comment 33Kjetil25-Sep-2003 16:02 GMT
Comment 34MarkTime25-Sep-2003 16:46 GMT
Comment 35MarkTime25-Sep-2003 16:49 GMT
Comment 36Anonymous25-Sep-2003 18:32 GMT
Comment 37Codesmith25-Sep-2003 22:45 GMT
Comment 38mark28-Sep-2003 16:00 GMT
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