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Posted on 22-Dec-2003 23:54 GMT by Per Johansson17 comments
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I have been working for over 2 weeks now, to bring you all a working AHI protracker module-player with a MUI gui. :-D Download from here: ProPlayer 1.2

Readme file coming up

Short: AHI Protracker player (MOS)
Authors: Per Johansson
Uploader: Per Johansson <omen at telia.com>
Version: 1.2
Requires: MorphOS. AHI 4.x


ProPlayer is a commandline / gui protracker player.

From the beginning, i intended only to make a GUI for the great ptplay that was written by Timm S. Müller, Ronald Hof.

After i began writing the GUI i noticed more and more soundglitches mostly in chip-modules.
So i spent over 2 weeks with tracking down different glitches and fixed them too.
The only commands left untouched is 1xx and 2xx (sliding up and down).

EFx command is not yet working, so thats the reason why the source is not included yet.

Lets get down to features:

* A gui ;)
* Support for Soundtracker, Noisetracker, and Protracker modules
* Support playlists
* Support powerpacked modules

Supported arguments is either a module, or a playlist.

Btw, i couldn´t get the code to work with a icon attached, so that will be in the next release.

I attached some example modules, that plays corrupted with ptplay

Merry christmas everybody and a happy new year.

(And yes, there will be an Amiga OS 4 version later too, so no flaming please)
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